Risk Management

Corporate Security

We at Proteus are offering premium corporate security services and consultancy by observing international industry standards and employing our on the ground knowledge and information gathering capabilities.
We don’t mass produce at Proteus. We carefully select our operators, partners and clients. We believe that our services must be built on mutual trust and respect. We earn our clients’ trust through discipline, professionalism and integrity.

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Maritime Security

Proteus retains a group of highly motivated and experienced maritime specialists with an extensive combination of military and commercial backgrounds. Along with our extensive international network of contacts we offer turn-key maritime security solutions to vessel owners and different players in the marine industry.

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Maritime Consultancy

Our board of directors and most of our staff have extensive military and commercial maritime experience and backgrounds. With the right combination of knowledge and a broad network of connections in the local and international maritime industries, Proteus can take care of all of your maritime needs. We have the necessary know-how and resources to work in multiple environments, whether you’re a private yacht owner, Oil/Gas service provider or a port/marina administrator, we will provide you with the right solution for you.

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Training and qualification are the secret words to any organization’s success. The performance of any establishment can be gauged and predicted by how well trained its members are. Especially during times of crises and emergencies, people will always fall back to their training. Without training, the future of any business would be irregular and erratic. We can provide you with the suitable training package according to your needs. Our fields of expertise include but are not limited to Security, Safety and Maritime Activities.

Military Supply

We are experts in the Government, Military, and Security industries with the appropriate knowledge in contracting, government procurement policies and practices. We provide Strategic Program Reviews, Assessment and Advisory Services, as well as Proposal Assistance and Partner Selection. We cover Government / Military equipment, electronic surveillance and counter surveillance systems. Our forward deployed presence on a global scale allows us to bring to bear a world class logistics network.