Corporate Security

We at Proteus are offering premium corporate security services and consultancy by observing international industry standards and employing our on the ground knowledge and information gathering capabilities. We don’t mass produce at Proteus. We carefully select our operators, partners and clients. We believe that our services must be built on mutual trust and respect. We earn our clients’ trust through discipline, professionalism and integrity. We believe that corporates and individuals who have interests and investments in our region can’t afford to be unprepared or uninformed. The regional and global security threat levels and landscape are taking more fluid and unpredictable trends, which makes constant vigilance and effective communication between the top management of any corporate and the relevant risk management specialists an absolute necessity for business resilience and continuity.

  • Turn-key Corporate Security Solutions*
  • Risk Assessment and Audit of Vulnerabilities
  • Crisis Management
  • Executive Services*
  • Strategic Forecasting*
  • Business travel security
  • Strategic warning and Quick Extraction service
  • Governmental relations
  • Vetting and training of security personnel
  • Review and redirection of security budget
  • Complete overhaul of security department
  • Implementation of physical security
  • Recruitment of security managers/personnel
  • Supply and Distribution chain security
  • Background checks and Due Diligence
  • Off-premises work sites security
  • HSSE management

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